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Training Training

When training handwriting skills in children,
handwriting with a smile smile is used. The guidance in how to develop legible handwriting is positive, using what you already know, and in cooperation with parents and school.
Due to extensive innovative and creative experience in teaching handwriting skills and spelling in  children, they are usually able to write legibly within 4 sessions.

During the training, much creative and innovative attention is given to

Relaxed slow breathing during handwriting

Breathe out “I am unable to write”and breathe in “Yes I can learn to write”
Breathe in trust that you are able to learn this

Sit in your chair with your feet on the ground and your bottom on the chair

Integration of the right and left side of your body
Your writing hand holds the pen/pencil and your non writing hand holds the paper
How is the coordination between your right and left hand?

Pencil grip
Holding your pen/pencil in a relaxed manner when you write
How is your pencil grip
Which pen/pencil is most beneficial for you to use during handwriting,  we will work this out together
Is there a tremor in your writing hand and if yes how do we solve this?

Writing between the lines
Which distance between the lines is most appropriate for you

Handwriting fluent and rhythmically, how are the connections between the letters
Movement of the writing hand over the paper
Handwriting with or without an example of the letters or words to be written

Legible handwriting also during spelling tests?

helping bunny rabbit

A favourite stuffed animal can help you write the best way possible
Has the magic C bunny whispered in your ear how to write the c a d g o and how to connect these letters together?

Playfull Handwriitng games