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Mindfulness Nieuws

Mindfulness means, being present, in full attention with your body, in the here and now. Feeling and following  your breath in your body, is the way to develop this presence

Thich Nhat Hanh has written many books about mindfulness en is being considered the founder.

This quiet attention, helps you to go beyond thinking about solutions.When being present with your breath, body relaxation begins to develop, providing more opportunity for the conscious and unconscious information processing  in the body, to connect in harmony. The restlessness of thoughts and feelings diminishes. Stress reactions are less severe, judging self may soften, you may see difficult situations in a different perspective: maybe you are becoming happy about your body being able to breathe, your heartbeat and that there is food on the table.
Maybe you become aware of the fact that beliefs are programmed within yourself, stopping you from feeling  joy and happiness in life.

Mindfulness is applied throughout the treatment sessions. The session takes place in the here and now.

When you are playing on the swing, the swing is in your attention and the fun you feel in your body doing it, and that your body moves for you: climbs on the swing, hangs under it, etc. This way the coordination is able to originate from within, your way, which produces the best results.


A saying often used in our playful interaction together is: Wait a little while and it happens naturally, the second or third time. It really does!

Children know this as no other. When made aware of the mind-body connection and the breathing, they know from within that this harmonious cooperation with body wisdom, wishes the very best for them.

We discover together that feeling and following your body helps you write, spell, do math, concentrate and perform other skills you need. It is even able to draw and make friends!! The harmonious presence in myself/ yourself/ ourselves provides this for each other.


For me, feeling and following the body and her energies, means being one with all creation from which our existence originates. The endless variation in expression all around us, gives endless possibilities for growth and healing, way beyond “knowledge”.