all is creativity

Since 1981, I work with enthusiasm, from a positive energy, to help children discover how to learn their best way. Parents are always included in this process.

The (scientific) knowledge, experience and intuition has broadened, as my professional career evolved.

In the USA, I became an occupational therapist registered in 1978, specialised in the area of paediatrics and worked there until 1985. At first, I worked in a general hospital for 3 years, thereafter as head of the occupational therapy department in an outpatient rehabilitation facility.

From 1985, working and living in the Netherlands, back to my roots. In 1996 I obtained my masters in paediatric neuropsychology. In 2006 becoming a journey therapist®.

From the latter, mindfulness and energy healing developed. This became the foundation for the way in which I work: playful learning guidance from the heart.

PracticeSince 1987 owner of a private practice. Creative  possibilities seem to be infinite now in creating solutions for the challenges children and their parents face. In 2012 the practice celebrated it’s 25th anniversary!

So much gratitude for all the children and their parents who entered these doors and gave me their trust. I am because of them.

Specialised skills