Karen Dun

Karen Dun


The practice of occupational therapy, neuropsychology and mindfulness for children has become a Creative Workshop. The creative skills, always present in therapy, have been transformed into creative artistry.

Drawing, painting, jewelry making, writing songs and singing from our Heart and Soul.

Recently, with the help of  Japanese singer/songwriter Yuki Masuda, an international music/singing group

has been  created.https:youtube.be/765fmR5hdJs (please copy and paste this link into your browser)

The purpose of this group:

Fun!!  Learning each others language through songs!! Moving and dancing together, doing musical drawing and painting together using the colors of our Nature. Our connection to each other is Highlighted.

Words from source for our group:

Children are beautiful stars. We sing songs to shine, learn words to understand each other, learn new songs in all languages of teh kids attending. We sing as magnificant as all colors of our rainbows, create art from our hearts, singing the colors of our music, dance and move in the rythm of our song.

We may even perform on stage.


Playful learning sensorimotor skills at Karen Dun, practice for children In the former practice occupational therapy, neuropsychology, mindfulness and natural creativity were combined, to help the development of challenged skills, at school and at home.The unique talents of the children, were the foundation for therapy. We did this together, with heart and soul, endless creativity and lots of fun!

Challenges included:

• sensory information processing, SPD en HSP,
• behavioural adjustments and adaptations,
• multisystem developmental delay,
• autism related PDD-NOS,
• learning, NLD and dyslexia,
• attention and concentration, ADD/ADHD,
• developmental coordination disorder, DCD,
• fear of failure and self confidence.


Drs.Karen Dun, pediatric occupational therapist, developmental neuropsychologist, mindfulness

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