Karen Dun

Karen Dun


Attention and Concentration Ideas for school :

The ideas are based on the fact that the body, regulation , motivation and attention determine the attitude toward learning.

The first conversation I usually have with a child, is explaining that they are allowed to show everybody how well they do, within their possibilities such as age, enthousiasm, sensitivities, etc. This is why you do the work school has prepared for you to learn step by step: reading writing math etc. This is why listening to follow teh teacher's directions, focus on your task, sitting on your chair, is so important.

Other suggestions are

A change of place in the classroom, some children need to sit close to the teacher, others facing the teacher or in teh back of the classroom. This will help structure and regulation.

An organization and planning schema, pasted on the child's table so he knows what to do. This schedule needs to be explained.

Each time a task is finished, the child needs to set a checkmark next to the task. The schedule has the times of the day and the work to be done each hour or any given time period. It can be color coded if this is helpful because it may also distract.

Organize the desk drawer sothe child can find what it needs and does not lose it. The may also be colorcoded.

Organizing the desk space. Help the child know what is helpful to put on their tablefor the different tasks and what is not

If children need to move, perhaps a wiebelkussen, a stressball or wikky stick can be used when they need to listen more attentively. This helps selfregulation and relaxation so therefore attention (through the body)

Movement games can be done with the class when they sit at the table. Pushing both hands together,

balloonBreathing in and out, slowly. Feeling your feet when you do your work also a great way to  be fully involved in your school task, your gym and free play as well.

When teacher passes through the classroom, he/ she can provide pressure on the shoulders. This helps regulation and attention through the body

When the child is working properly she/he can be rewarded, so she/he learns desired behavior in an open body cell mode.

The process of the task  is very important. This can be visually and verbally and kinesthetically explained: hear see,demonstrate and do.

Children need to know the expectations , rules and regulation in the class.  When work is finished and checked,  they may be rewarded with an activity they love. This helps make learning fun.

Listening skills may be stimulated by using games on the computer  related to challenges they face such as following directions or visual spatial difficulties.

And remember, we learn from our mistakes, without mistakes no learning. Be kind to yourself and your child and fully Present.