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Karen Dun

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Since 1981, I work with enthusiasm, from a positive energy, to help children discover how to learn their best way. Parents are always included in this process.

The (scientific) knowledge, experience and intuition has broadened, as my professional career evolved.

In the USA, I became an occupational therapist registered in 1978, specialised in the area of paediatrics and worked there until 1985. At first, I worked in a general hospital for 3 years, thereafter as head of the occupational therapy department in an outpatient rehabilitation facility.

From 1985, working and living in the Netherlands, back to my roots. In 1996 I obtained my masters in paediatric neuropsychology. In 2006 becoming a journey therapist®.

From the latter, mindfulness and energy healing developed. This became the foundation for the way in which I work: playful learning guidance from the heart.

PracticeSince 1987 owner of a private practice. Creative  possibilities seem to be infinite now in creating solutions for the challenges children and their parents face. In 2012 the practice celebrated it’s 25th anniversary!

So much gratitude for all the children and their parents who entered these doors and gave me their trust. I am because of them.

Specialised skills

  • Paediatric occupational therapy
    Sensory Integration and dispraxia. Certified to administer and interpret the SIPT., course COOP for the treatment of children with DCD, NDT, Floortime and the treatment of at risk children, as well as children with HSP. Handwriting with a Smile. Specialist in development of handwriting skills, especially when combined with spelling of words . 
  • Paediatric (neuro) psychology:
    Non Verbal Learning  NLD
    One of the Dutch editors of the book the Child with Special Needs door Stanley Greenspan en Serena Weider, the founders of the DIR® floortime model for special needs children.

    Courses  at the Erasmus University in the area of Children with anxiety. My experience is that fear and freeze responses arise especially in very sensitive children and adults. The Friends program from Australia, was part of these courses. Knowledge was also gained in the area of emotional blocks, which may arise from traumatic events, experienced earlier in life. The process of becoming a journey therapist® (see below) and a course in Sensorimotor psychotherapy made clear, that the body remembers and knows everything. It also has tremendous healing capacity. 

  • Occupational Therapy and neuropsychology are no longer practiced. However the knowledge and experience will always be part of me.
  • The Journey
    My personal experience in releasing painful emotional experiences from the past, during this education, as well as personal experience with energy healing, Shamballa and a basic Reiki course, which allowed me to help children ’s headaches disappear, has lead to a mindful presence in the here and now. It gave freedom from self induced limitations as well as infinite insights in the painful ego fixations humankind experiences. It connected me to an infinite in which all is connected as one being: all is one we. Journeys will not be given.

Being and Integrating mindfulness into my creative therapy work has made children’s progress in all aspects of their life significantly faster.

As of October 2015, Nature, in the form of Natural Creativity, will be present in all we do..

We will go outside to connect with nature and feel the possibilities this gives in our bodies, through our earth's natural healing energy channels. I have been a fan for years and never knew how to create practical awareness of this in others, until now.  Earth Healing and Nature Psychology originated.


From 2017, the practice has been transformed into a Gallery and Workshop.  Drawing, painting, creating jewelry and functional art from recycled materials, creative writing and singing, from my nature in connection with the universal Nature is happening here.

In the Galley there have been 2 exhibitions showing the Art I created. In the last exhibit paintings and drawings of my great grand mother and my mother were present. Toward the end of 2018, the art gallery, unfortunately was closed.

Because of the fact that the paintings and arts I still create, want to continue to be shared with you, the world ànd it is my joy in life, I am now, 2021, creating this website, with my web builder.

The art comes intuitively guided thru body and soul and it's expressions continue to amaze me.