“It is a challenge to describe what an enormous positive impact working with Karen has. We have worked with her over the years and have stayed in touch simply because she is too valuable to lose contact with. Highly expert, totally accepting, enormously dedicated and radiating warmth and a sense of peace. It has been our pleasure working with Karen and we strongly recommend her. Whatever contribution is required her impact will be greater.” 16 oktober 2012


"Karen has been in our lives for more then 2 years now. My son Kevin and I enjoy going to the Rainbow practice, as we get a ray of sun shining on us there.
We find there peace, hope, positive attitude, acceptance and love. We receive a charge of good energy and guide on how to deal with the world outside us - would it be school, peers or relationships. Karen teaches my son how to use his strengths and creativity to overcome his difficulties.
I love watching Kevin playing and learning with Karen, I have been observing his significant growth in confidence and self esteem."