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Training Training

Sam, 7 years old, comes to the practice due to challenges in the area of handwriting skills. Occupational therapy evaluation, reveals writing cramp, difficulty holding his pencil, letter formation, sitting posture and staying concentrated during the writing task. He often asks: “Am I doing well?”. Gross motor skills are strongly developed. Occupational therapy is used to develop the needed skills and after a while his sitting posture is improved and the writing cramp diminished.

The movement of the writing hand over the paper is more fluent, however the writing of letters in the correct order to form a word, not yet.

When discussing this with the parents and school, it is decided that a neuropsychological evaluation needs to take place. This evaluation shows difficulties in spelling and letter recognition. When therapy focuses on this area, letters in words are being written in the right order.

When therapy is directed toward Sam’s emotional development by using the Friends program, mindfulness and guiding the parents how to help Sam increase his self-confidence, then not only handwriting has improved, concentration is better and Sam has become confident in his abilities!