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occupational therapy Nieuws

Occupational therapy helps children to develop daily life skills, when the natural development thereof is challenged, at home and/or at school. It deals with the practical experiences of life.
Organisation and planning of these skills, play an important role.
Carrying out a self help task like, putting on socks before you go to school, requires having the idea, organize and plan the idea, do it and receive the feedback of your eyes and your body senses, whether it is done, the way you planned to do it, or not. This is called praxis and when a child experiences difficulty, it is often called dyspraxia. Attention and concentration are important in this.

Occupational therapy will no longer be provided. The Neuropsychological aspects of  this work have become integrated into Psychology and will no longer be reimbursed by your insurance company.

Karen Dun has been specialising in the area of sensory information processing since 1982. The consequences of this sensory processing for attention and concentration to tasks, as well as for the emotional development arecarefully evaluated and observed.

Many sensitive or high sensitive children, with a different from the "norm" sensory information processing profile, have been receiving therapy over the years.This different sensory information processing, from the outside world, causes huge (emotional) reactions in their inner world.
Many children are also sensitive to the energies from the environment, and energies from others. They then react to this information, which is often not visible to others.

When interpreted incorrectly, this leads to unhelpful beliefs. Sensory sensitivity can be treated, really!

The treatment base is the uniqueness of each child and the way their body works to deal with their challenges. There is an enthusiastic cooperation with parents, school or other day care facilities. Neuropsychology and mindfulness are used to obtain faster results

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